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The TrendZ Fitness Studio, located at 2360-D Montebello Square Drive, was first formed in the minds of owners Don and Stefanie Quashie

Today, the finished product is being enjoyed by numerous instructors and students alike.

Our Studio is equipped with state of the art lighting which includes LED black lights for our Glow Parties and modern club lighting. The sprung flooring, a welcome amenity for students with joint problems, is covered with a beautiful, eye-catching laminate finish. The custom built stage is like no other in the State.

The zero-distortion premium sound system projects music from various devices: laptops, iPods, even the 60” HDTV.

In the back you will find a relaxing lounge area with 4 beautiful, clean restrooms. The 12 foot high ceilings along with large floor-to-ceiling windows form the perfect frame to a stunning view of Pike’s Peak and Cheyenne Mountain.

Photos by

John T Garrett

3rd Place Winner

Best Dance Studio